Our Mission

What is DelivrMe?

Have you ever ordered something online and wished you could get it immediately? Or that you weren’t just limited to restaurants on food delivery apps?

DelivrMe is an on-demand delivery platform that allows you to order anything, anytime, anywhere - without the restrictions.

Scroll through our app and you’ll see all your local stores, where you can filter by categories such as food, pharmaceuticals, clothing and more. Gone are the days of waiting 1, 3 or even 5 days for what you want - DelivrMe’s aim is to fulfil all orders within 30-45 minutes, direct to your door.

Our Team

Zak Lloyd has begun the journey of bringing DelivrMe from conception to completion.

Zak Lloyd
Chief Executive Officer
Aaron Branch
Chief Marketing Officer
Deep Moteria
Chief Technology Officer
Dan Reeves
Operations Director
Cezara Hulber
UI/UX Lead

Abigail Parkes
Social Media Manager
Harry Singh
Logistics Operations Manager
Matt Stokes
Business Development Specialist
Kieron Ryan
Customer Support Associate

How DelivrMe works

It couldn’t be easier to order with DelivrMe. Here’s exactly how it works:

Install the App

Install the free application & let us know where to Delivr.

Place your order

Choose from a selection of different stores & products and place your order.

Receive your delivery!

Simply sit back, relax and we’ll aim to have your order delivered to you within 30-45 minutes.