Why Ride With Us

  • Flexible Work

    You’ll be self employed and free to choose your own working hours to suit you. You can set your availability at the click of a button within the DelivrMe Rider app.

  • Competitive Pay

    You’ll receive not only a fee for each delivery you complete, but also 100% of your tips.

  • Purple Uniform

    Riding a bicycle or scooter? Get access to DelivrMe safety & high visibility clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need:
  • A delivery vehicle or bicycle with the necessary safety equipment.
  • A smartphone (iPhone or Android).
  • Proof of your right to work in the UK.
  • Your fashion is your choice. We would love for you to represent us by wearing our uniform, however as a self employed rider this is up to you. However, please ensure you are wearing the necessary safety equipment for your vehicle at all times.

    As a self employed rider, you are free to work with any company. However, you must ensure that once you have accepted an order you are required to complete this as a priority - we don’t want hangry customers!